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Climate Control

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Dampp-Chaser Corporation Diagram

Piano Climate Control Systems

This section is provided to acquaint piano owners with the benefits of Piano Climate Control Systems through introduction to the Website for Dampp-Chaser Corporation.
The product name is “Piano Life Saver System“, which is made by the Dampp-Chaser Corporation. However the product has been on the market successfully for so many years, since 1947, that in today’s world it is usually referred to as the simple and easy to remember name of just “Dampp-Chaser.
The need for such a product is due to the physical materials needed in the design function of a piano: wood, for the soundboard, case and the pin-block; steel, for the strings; and iron, for the plate stretching the strings.
Dampp-Chaser Upright Piano illustration

All three of these materials expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity, but worse, do this at different rates each to the other. Therefore a piano needs steady and stable conditions of temperature / humidity to prevent structural damage and to retain its tunings.

Dampp-Chasers” have fully resolved this negative tendency of the piano design character, and provided it with perfect weather conditions “24/7” in successful defiance of Mother Nature’s best efforts to ruin our pianos and tunings! Serious reasons for using Dampp-Chasers are:

Dampp-Chaser grand piano illustration

Assurance that our piano investments won’t break, crack or deteriorate due to adverse weather conditions — right inside our own homes, schools, concert halls! Yes, this does happen all the time in real life!.
Enjoyment listening to the enrichment of tone that the piano develops when all its design parameters are met with ideal and continuous weather conditions inside its own cabinet!
Satisfaction in extending scheduled tuning periods and reducing maintenance costs.

Costs installed range from $475 to $750.

Go to website – make up your own mind. It is quite user-friendly, with information presented in both an interesting and understandable way:

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