New, Used, Old Pianos

Piano Tuning Phoenix by Wes Flinn RPT

Mythological Greek Phoenix


“Piano Talk”

Prelude: “Piano Talk” – real-life facts about piano behavior

This section of the eBook is devoted to “tell it like it is” about acoustical pianos – how they act in real life – and how they really do behave like the storied mythological Phoenix. It is said that the Phoenix could restore itself back to life from its ashes over and over – Today, the Piano, through the application of tuning and piano technologies, does exactly that, and acoustical pianos are brought back to useful life and brilliance as many times as owners wish to pay the bill to do so. There is no other machine ever invented in human history that is favored in this way, where maintenance and restoration of the same machine is the common and favored method of care. The 21st century method of care for all devices in general is ‘dispose and replace’, and not restore, or even care.

These articles in “Prelude” give you a brutal reality check on what to expect from living with acoustical physical pianos in their basic stages of life. For the purpose of these snapshots, we will use these definitions:

means new, right out of the box, no work or preparation done
means a piano that has accumulated about 7 tunings or more, whether quickly or slowly over a period of years — this is the point of use where the strings have lost most of their extra “stretch” common to “new” strings, and start to render more or less reliable or what we call “stable” tunings
means a piano manufactured before the year 1980
We can have pianos that are beautifully tuned, regulated, operating well, or not. The unique skills and services of an “RPT” are what make the difference.
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