Picture Album VIII

Piano Tuning Phoenix by Wes Flinn RPT

Mythological Greek Phoenix

Picture Gallery VIII

— by Wes Flinn RPT

Piano Tuning Phoenix Picture Gallery VIII –

This Album features a 2006 Schimmel Konzert Upright K-132-DT

Custom Designer Case — personally autographed by Designer/Manufacturer, Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel

This Album features a

2006 Schimmel Konzert Upright K-132-DT
Custom Autographed Designer Case
$28,000 — Sold

Story of this piano.

I studied piano technology at both Schimmel Piano Co., in Braunschweig, Germany, and Bösendorfer Pianos, in Vienna, Austria. These two companies represent the pinnacle of piano excellence in the modern piano manufacturing world. Both companies manufacture a large upright of this type, and these are generally accepted to be the finest such instruments that money can buy. According to the 2013 Piano Buyer, the 2013 Schimmel comparable could not be purchased for less than about $32,500, and the Bösendorfer $79,000. Having studied both pianos, I feel that there is no better upright piano made than this Schimmel K132. The Bösendorfer would be only for those who must have the name and have the budget to own it.

2006 Schimmel Konzert Upright K-132-DT

About this piano pictured here. The principal owner of Schimmel Piano Co. is Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel, and is the designer of this piano cabinet. Only a few were made in 2004 – 2006. Mr. Schimmel is not only owner of the company, but a full-fledged piano technician in the German tradition, as well as a structural engineer by training. Schimmel also owns a furniture making company in Leipzig, and a factory in Poland — these facilities permit the experimentation and building of custom units such as this piano. The piano was designed to embody the full tradition of the truly fine upright pianos that are built in Europe, where the public does not have the mind-set of much space in homes as a necessary element. Wealthy professional people there often have homes no larger than 900 to 1200 sq.ft., and don’t want more. But they do want fine music, and don’t have space for grand pianos — Germany exports 90% of their grand pianos built! The K-132 design meets that need. After my studies in Europe in 2006, I returned to do technical and sales work for a Schimmel piano dealer here. On a Phoenix visit soon thereafter, Mr. Schimmel kindly wrote his personal autograph on this piano for me. It is therefore a unique “collector’s” piano, of which there were only about 6 made, and the only K-132-DT anywhere that is signed personally by its designer and maker!

2006 Schimmel Konzert Upright K-132-DT
Designer case. Even at $32,500, the current production piano is not available with the faux grand lid as pictured above, and comes only in the standard plain traditional upright case style. It is now only available in the art case version pictured at right, called the “Wilhelmina”, for a small upgrade fee of $8,000. I understand first-hand, however, how carefully, meticulously this K-132 piano is designed, constructed, and manufactured, and it is amazing to me that they can sell it for as low a price as they do. The amount of hand work plus the array of CNC machinery used to make a piano like this is awesome. The tone, the sustain of the soundboard, the dexterity of the action will make a piano-lover “cry”, and make it hard for a real pianist to stop playing on it. The sound effect is that dramatic, perhaps more so than with a grand piano, because the tone is so pure and sweet.

2006 Schimmel Konzert Upright K-132-DT
Now, the Bench. The bench pictured was made by the Bösendorfer Co, and originally sold for $1800, but was a factory color mis-match that I got for $800. I can sell it for that, or get a matching black adjustable artist bench like it for $400 to $900, depending on size and seat covering.
Piano Bench made by the Bösendorfer Co
This K-132 also has a Dampp-Chaser
This K-132 also has a Dampp-Chaser

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