Piano Tuning Phoenix by Wes Flinn RPT


“Piano Tuning Phoenix”

by Wes Flinn RPT

This website is named after the legendary “Phoenix” from Greek mythology
because of the similarity of the behavior of the piano to this timeless bird —
It is said that this creature has an indefinite number of lives, and
that each new life rises out of the ashes of its previous life
So behaves the piano — With the aid of piano technology,
the physical, acoustic piano can return to a new life again and again,
an indefinite number of times — It can receive tunings and repairs endlessly, always
capable of restoring its original beauty of sound and appearance
This website is an eBook — An encyclopedia on piano maintenance —
Hundreds of Pictures, Explanations, Definitions, Answers,
all in easy-to-understand “people language”


Prelude: “Piano Talk” – real-life facts about piano behavior

We can have pianos that are beautifully tuned, regulated, operating well, or not.
The unique skills and services of an “RPT” are what make the difference.

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