Using an RPT

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Using an RPT

— by Wes Flinn RPT

Here is a BIG tip:

— Whether you are
Finding, Pricing, Buying
or Selling a piano:

Use an “RPT” to help you !!

For the price of a piano tuning, most RPTs will be willing to guide you with your project. Take advantage of these professionals who are the “dictionaries” of the piano industry.

In the piano industry, “RPT” is the same as “PhD” in the educational and business industries. They are certified and credentialed by the national Piano Technicians Guild – see link below.

RPTs are the teachers of Piano Technology in PTG, the national Piano Technicians Guild. They are also:

• the technology consultants to piano manufacturers
• the servicers for piano dealers
• the servicers for personal piano owners
• the servicers of pianos for educational and religious institutions
• technicians for concert venues throughout the entire world

See full details about these professionals in this article:

RPT – ? What’s that?

RPTs” by Zip Code is available on the Piano Technicians Guild website:

A Few Tips that are always true about pianos:
• All acoustical pianos, whether bought or sold, have to be delivered, and there will be a delivery charge involved, usually to the buyer

• All acoustical pianos, whether bought or sold, will need to be tuned in their new location, after they are delivered

• All acoustical pianos both play and tune according to the condition they are in, and very few pianos either new or used will be found in very good condition — this one fact is reason enough to acquire the services of an RPT ( “Registered Piano Technician” ) to inspect a piano before it is bought or sold so you can deal with the problems in a cost-effective way

• These three points above are just a start in the issues that an RPT can clear up for you, and save you endless hassle and grief in a piano transaction!

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