Picture Album III

Piano Tuning Phoenix by Wes Flinn RPT

Mythological Greek Phoenix

Picture Gallery III

— by Wes Flinn RPT

Piano Tuning Phoenix Picture Gallery III –

This Album features a 2007 Samick SIG-54 Grand 5-ft-4″ Custom After-market upgrade

This Album features a

2007 Samick SIG-54 Grand 5-ft-4″
Custom After-market upgrade
$7500 — Sold

Story of this piano.

The Samick line of pianos started up in South Korea in 1958, through the efforts of Hyo Ick Lee, who at that time was a Baldwin piano disributor. Through many ups and downs, the company began exporting as well as began manufacturing guitars and other instruments. It acquired several high-end defunct piano names, including Kohler & Campbell, Wm Knabe, then added a new high-tech piano named Pramberger. A high- level German designer Klaus Fenner was employed to modify all its lines for a more “European” quality. Samick continued to do well until the Asian economic crisis of the 1990’s, when it bankrupt and reorganized in 2002, and like the Phoenix, rose to new heights again, acquiring the Seiler and other known names.

2007 Samick SIG-54 Grand 5-ft-4" Piano
I purchased this 2007 Samick SIG-54, a 5-ft-4″ grand piano with a similar motive that I had for the Falcone uprignt piano used in Album I. Samick limited the number of models and the total production of their own flagship line called “Samick”, and the result was a reasonably consistent and reliable product overall. I wanted to investigate what effect the application of concert-level methods and procedures would have on this basic entry-level product. I went further with my studies on this piano, and not only applied the same procedures to it as I did the Falcone, but I also installed an after-market apparatus to the action called the “TouchRail System” . This system employs a spring tension rail that allows regulation of the down-weight touch on each key of a grand piano to an evenness of one gram from one note to the next. The result was very satisfactory, and the piano then played with a smoothness of both tone and evenness of touch that well exceeded the possibilities of a standard stock unit. The new owner was completely ecstatic over the purchase. She reviewed the piano in both Google and Yelp as follows:
2007 Samick SIG-54 Grand 5-ft-4" Piano
“I recently decided to take up the piano again after decades. Wes Flinn came to my house to check out my console and that is when the education began. Wes walked me through the “ins and outs” of my piano. I wanted to upgrade to a grand and he gave me websites, recommendations to look at new and used. He referred me to instructors and taught me about the Touch Rail System that he lovingly installed in the refurbished Samick that I now have in my home….Wes loves music and is a wealth of knowledge. He made the experience amazing. I felt that I was given the opportunity to enter his world of piano experience each and every time I communicated with him. He is a true professional and I would and will recommend him to everyone I know.”

Randy Tipton — Phoenix AZ

TouchRail by PitchLock
2007 Samick SIG-54, a 5-ft-4" Grand Piano
TouchRail Adjustment
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